Monday, January 9, 2017

Meal Planning Monday 2017 - Week 2

There's another train strike this week - so I am working from home for three days and my husband has booked the entire week off, since he couldn't take any time off over Christmas he has several days from 2016 to use up. Much as I'm fed up with the trains, I'm lucky in that I can do my work from home and it will be nice to not have to commute for a few days!

Monday - I'm at work, my husband is at home
Lunch: me: gammon, leek and potato soup using leftover gammon from weekend. My husband has requested fresh bread to make a sandwich.
Dinner:  tuna risotto for me, pizza for him (home late thanks to the tube strikes)

Tuesday - both at home
Lunch: Weightwatchers rosemary and bean soup for me (going to make last week but didn't), tomato soup for him, with homemade bread
Dinner: lemony crumbed turkey with broccoli bean smash from this recipe for me; chicken pie for him

Wednesday - both at home
Lunch: gammon, leek and potato soup for me, bacon sandwich for him
Dinner: soy roast carrots with quinoa from WeightWatchers Autumn p.46 for me,  chicken chargrills and mashed potato for him
Thursday - I'm at work, my husband is at home
Lunch: Weightwatchers rosemary and bean soup for me, he will have beans on toast
Dinner: I'll be working late due to an event, so my husband will go to his mum's

Friday: both at home
Lunch: cheese on toast
Dinner: spiced cauliflower steak for me that I didn't do last week, chicken lattice with cheese and ham for him

I'm out all day on a course and my husband is out all day at a car show
Dinner: probably back fairly late so something from the freezer with chips

Lunch: fishfinger sandwich/ chicken escalope sandwich
Dinner: I have filo pastry to use up so will make these chicken and chorizo briouats to serve with potato wedges.


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