Friday, February 12, 2016

Cow Valentine's Card

A few days ago I shared the Valentine's card I made for my boyfriend last year; as I'm pretty sure he doesn't actually look at my blog much I thought I'd put up the one I made for him this year! It's on a similar theme - cows - which I'm sure I will stop doing at some point but as we are getting marred this year I'm really excited about becoming a cow! Also, I had some cow-related craft bits to use up I'd bought to do with the wedding....

I had some small rectangles of cow print tissue paper that I decided to place in the middle of a square white card blank, leaving white space at each side. I then took a piece of cow print ribbon (which I bought for my wedding invitations then decided not to use) and tied a bow in it and stuck it across the front of the card.

I had a pack of 5 card toppers saying "for my wonderful fiancé" which I'm not going to be able to use again - I put one on his Christmas card and will use one for his birthday card as well! You can't see it too well in this photo due to the silver colour. As it's Valentine's day I put a 'happy Valentine' red outline sticker on the bottom of the card with two sets of lips on either side. I wanted to introduce a little more colour into the card as well so dotted a few mini red heart stickers across the cow print paper. I hope my fiancé doesn't get fed up with cow related things as I certainly haven't yet!


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